Rádio Quântica – Satan Made Me Do It #20 [+tracklist]

Stress just doesn’t get to us. This show happened mere days before our dj set at Santa Maria Summer Fest, in Beja, but we came prepared to deliver to goods on both fronts. On this episode, hour UNO kicked so much ass that it interfered with the very cables on the studio in Radio Quântica. Great new Mefisto track, Power Trip, Arkona, Cruel Force, just *UGH!*

It got so maddening there for a second that the damn equipment started frying our selection by the end of hour two… Sorry about that!

Metal will be the end of us and till the end we’ll proclaim: ‘tis but a scratch!

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Episode 32 – All I Wanted Was a Pepsi

Episode 32 – All I Wanted Was a Pepsi (right click to download)

We got inspiration for this episode after reading a great Greg Anderson (from Southern Lord) interview about his hardcore roots in Seattle. Initially we thought about repeating a hardcore drenched episode, just like we did on “Episode 25 – Nothing Ever Changes”, but as Greg’s interview was about how different the Seattle scene was compared to the rest of the West Coast, soon our thoughts drifted to the roots of crossover thrash, particularly the LA of the early 80s. Back then, the punks and skaters didn’t see eye to eye with metalheads, but bands like Suicidal Tendencies, Cryptic Slaughter, Excel or DRI helped change that. Soon, you started seeing punks and skaters turning up at Slayer and Metallica shows, while metal bands started to play faster and harder. So basically this episode is part early crossover thrash and part modern crossover outfits, mostly released (or re-released!) by Southern.

Enjoy and kick it in the genitals!

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