Episode 34 – Cross My Heart and Hope to Die

Episode 34 – Cross My Heart and Hope to Die (right click to download)

The world is divided between those who swallow their chocolate and those who let it melt in their mouth, slowly exploring with their tongues, the French-kiss way, all the flavors – and the pleasure-inducing and stimulating chemical compounds – contained within it. If you’re gonna enjoy this episode, you better be one the latter. Because this is the slower and darker episode we have ever released. It’s not milk chocolate, by the way. It’s 90% cocoa dark chocolate, with exotic spices on top, the kind of chocolate that throw your dopamine levels into orbit. Except this one is kind of gloomy.

It’s our shortest episode so far, while it has the longest tracks. It’s vile and it’s heart-in-your-hands sad. Lot of complex emotions going on here. So find your little private space, earplugs in, and taste it. Slowly, slowly.

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Episode 33 – Great Demon God

Episode 33 – Great Demon God (right click to download)

There are a lot of special things about vinyl (and cassettes!). One of the most exceptional ones was (is?) the fact that it very usually influenced how the albums were actually put together. Burzum is one of the metal bands that, to our knowledge, put the format to better use in the early 90s, resorting frequently to electronic pieces inspired by Klaus Schulze and the like to play around with the listener’s expectations. How the first side ended and the second began was actually a factor carefully considered by many acts. That effect is, of course, lost with CDs and digital music.

This episode too feels like it has two sides. The first half of the episode is fundamentally different from the second one and yet there are many similarities that can be established. The most prevalent one is that every track chosen was written and performed by bands from Japan.

The title “Great Demon God” and episode picture both reference the Japanese kaijū Daimajin.

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